The only bet that never loses, is the one that involves a bet on the stupidity of punters. Human beings remain a gullible collection of bipeds, despite all that scientific invention. It seems we never give up on that dream of that bag of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is probably why so many of us still believe in a god and some sort of heaven. Religions have been cashing in on the naivete of human beings for millennia. If we want to believe in something we will not let any facts or contradictory evidence get in the way.

Some People Are Betting To Fund Their World Travel!

So, when I hear about some people betting to fund their world travel, I am naturally suspicious about the veracity of these claims. There are Facebook pages, apparently posted by anonymous poker players playing their way around the globe via their winnings. No proof is offered to back these spurious claims up. Matched betting is another, supposedly, sure fire way to beat the system and fund your free and easy travelling lifestyle. This is betting for and against the same result with bookies and the exchange to cover your bet.

Matched betting, in the twenty first century, is dependent upon all these offers of bonus bets provided by the online bookmakers. In the narrative provided as proof by one blogging punter I researched it took five days to generate a hundred pounds. At that rate working for a living becomes an incredibly lucrative alternative. Beating the system with a mathematical sure fire thing remains a dream that fascinates many at some point in their lives. The easy way will always appeal at some juncture in time.

Gambling demands time and attention; it is something more suited to a number crunching algorithm than a feeling human being. World travellers live on the periphery of the communities they visit and it is this tenuous connection that may make something like gambling attractive to them. When people are more plugged into their community, through friends, family and employment, it is less likely that gambling will play a large part in their lives. Heavy gamblers hide their real inclinations to the people around them, when they are in the grip of an addiction to gambling. Lies and hidden behaviours are all symptoms exhibited by problem gamblers. World travellers escape the notice of their peers and connections back at home. Don’t believe the bullshit stories about gamblers who beat the system!